Monday, August 02, 2010

strolling around Saint Germain des-Prés


For our Sunday dinner, to be accompanied by lots of people watching, we took the metro to Saint Germain des-Prés, walked a bit along the Seine opposite the Louvre, and then headed into the narrower restaurant-lined streets past Saint-Michel. Of course I did far more people watching than photograph taking. I'm still trying to discipline myself to pull out my camera in the middle of a crowded street. This photo above was taken on the Pont des Arts crossing the Seine.

This looked like an interesting way to get around for those with blisters (ahem!) from all the walking.

One of the first crowds we bumped into surrounded these three jazz musicians occupying a street corner with their microphones, instrument cases, and the evening's tip case. Because they were really good, they were piling up the tips. The young teen-aged singer was the main attraction, with a great throaty voice for singing jazz, especially her rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown." The older guy on sax enjoyed playing his riffs, too! I would have been happy to stay right there for the evening, but our stomachs were growling for dinner.

Dinner at the popular Le Relais de l'Entrecôte provided lots of people watching. Across the street was the intriguing Le Petit Zinc with its art nouveau detailing, but it didn't seem open for business -- maybe the owners were away on les vacances.

Occasionally I remembered to photograph some of the grand architectural elements that everywhere keep the city anchored in its history.

A little more walking and people watching, including a clown doing a solo act at one pedestrian intersection, finished our evening. Although it remains light until late, we headed back to the metro at Saint-Michel and were home by 10 pm so we could watch the Eiffel Tower light up from our apartment windows. Standing tall above the Paris skyline, at 9 pm the tower lights come on, at 10pm they flash for five minutes, then remain lit until 1 pm, when they flash again and go off for the night.



Fern and Feather said...

so so so so fun to see your comment... and I just went back and looked at your trip last year... looks very similar even some of the same faces. It was so amazing!! I hope that I can go back one day. So do you live in France or did you just stay ;).

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for finding me! ox, Alexis

Catherine said...

Bon jour Pan,
Oh loved the photos and comments about life in Paris. I am drooling with envy. A month, how wonderful. Enjoy every moment you lucky girl.

Votre ami,

Korie B. said...

Loving these vacation posts....

I'm living vicariously through you as I change diapers and take the kids to swim lessons.

Have an extra glass of wine for me...