Sunday, August 08, 2010

suitcase-sized flea market purchases

Besides the obvious budget considerations, it's important to gauge your suitcase size and the weight of your purchases, because you have to carry them all back to your suitcase as well as weigh them at the baggage check counter. :) Here's some of what I lugged back to the apartment from the Puces de Vanves. I haven't taken photos of the large linens until I have room to spread them out, but trust me, they are heavy.

Gien bowl, large mother of pearl buckle, antique frame and lithograph

Do you see that face?

Meanwhile, I do have a funny tale to tell. Last Saturday, after I bought some old trims and a large uncut piece of linen for some projects from a very generous vendor, a woman approached me in the aisle. She asked (in French, of course) if I were interested in more large linens. If so, she had some to sell, not too far from the market, she assured me. Intriqued, I accompanied her on a brisk walk for about a block until we reached her car. Lifting up the rear window, she produced several wonderful linen sheets, some with ladderwork, some stitched with monograms -- from her family's linen closet, she said. So I bought them all for one modest lump sum. After stacking them in a bag for me, she accompanied me back to the flea market and went on about her business, spending my money, no doubt.

Old trims, sampler stitching, nightgowns

I don't claim to be a talented shopper, because I usually love what I can't afford. So what do you think? How did I do?

An old cachepot, an enamel house number, and a pair of large painted tins.

Shaving bowl to hold under the chin, said the vendor
(unless it's for bleeding patients, as my dil suggests)

19th-century lithos of various artists at work

Silver purses to add to my collection --
at bottom right is a coin purse with a neck that expands to insert the coins.


Sue said...

You are bringing home some wonderful treasures!!! I am SO jealous!


Catherine said...

Oh such beauty, what treasures you have discovered. Your linen story is wonderful, what a great memory.
I have Gien in Oiseau Bleu, my all time fav, luv Gien. On one of our trips we hand carried a set of dessert plates, not old but still quite lovely.
Oh Paris how I continue to love you.

Debby Schuh said...

I'm living vicariously through your posts of Paris and loving your pictures! Great treasures! I wish I was there with you... I'd love to have you interpreting for me! I may be planning a shopping trip to London and Paris in 2012. Sound fun!

Katsui Jewelry said...

You did an incredible job of shopping! I am dazzled and practically drooling all over my computer. I love that little girl's intriguing! I would love to see a larger shot sometime.

You are going to have some amazing treats to take home and put in special places...sigh...and you are so fortunate to be able to take this trip. Thank you for sharing it.


Robin Sanchez said...

What great treasures you found!! I have a purse like the silver one that opens up at the neck. Its larger than yours and gold. I bought it at an estate sale for $3 and had never seen one like it before.