Wednesday, September 08, 2010

new windows

Our little remodeling effort is nearly finished. It's been a long wait since this spring when we ordered another set of custom windows to open up the back wall of my "studio" room (actually the family room) for a full view of the woods beyond.

Cutting such a large hole in the wall required structural changes that required a county permit. Building the correctly-sized windows with French doors consumed time, too. So here it is September, with temperatures still in the mid-90s, and the air conditioner has been overwhelmed. The house has grown hot, but I'm happy to see all that natural light. County inspection scheduled for early tomorrow, then the finishing details can be added.

Through the long stretch of windows and doors, I'll be able to watch the tree colors change and day-dream to my heart's delight. Maybe even get a little work done with the doors open as the autumn temperatures cool.

First, of course, I'll have to re-organize my "studio". Ahem.


Suz said...

I love it...because it looks like some things in my house, perhaps! We have that color (with white trim) in our bedroom and french doors downstairs in the family room with all open windows.

It must be because we are Scorpio's!

Off to Prague and Croatia tomorrow. I am already tired but I know it will be wonderful!

Hugs from Suz

Sue said...

Hurray! Finally your new windows are in. What a wonderful view you will have :)


Adam Waterford said...

Ooh, french doors and new windows? Looks like you have a love of viewing the outdoors. Of course, that's a great thing. It's nice to have a good view in the comfort of your home.