Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a few more pages

In between trips, I've made a few more collaged pages. Two weeks ago, actually the day after my return from Germany, this crazy pile of pages was mailed off to my new friend Jill Sibbald. Jill is hosting an altered vintage journal swap for Silver Bella and is undertaking the massive job of sewing everyone's swapped pages together. Yikes! Since all the pages will have their own bits and pieces, this will be a yummy keepsake, probably much too nice to actually journal in.

And during the weekend right before I left for Germany, I had the luxury of attending ArtBLISS classes in my own back yard! Lesley Venable's class, where I made these altered pages below, was full of fun stamping and stenciling techniques.

Photos taken by Kerry Bogart


Tomorrow I'm off for a crafting weekend in Dallas -- no pages, all exciting new 3-D and bling! Yay for learning new stuff!


Stephanie O. said...

Loved getting a little peek @ your journal pages...just beautiful! It's gonna be a fun swap and I cannot wait to see your pages "in person" as I'm in the swap too!!

Teah said...

Have a wonderful time in Dallas! The sneak peeks look amazing. Your pages are beautiful. It looks like it's going to be quite the swap. I'ld love to see your treasures in person in December. Take care!

Catherine said...

Oh Pam, the swap pages are wonderful. I am sooo jealous. Wish I was going to SB this year...sigh, but was not meant to be.
Have a wonderful weekend

Catherine said...

Just before you head off to SB, want to wish you a wonderful time.