Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wall painting in bavaria

Maybe it's my painting background, but I was excited to see how much effort was being put into preserving this very Bavarian style of fresco. As we drove around southern Germany, we noticed so many buildings surrounded with scaffolding as painters renewed and restored the allegorical frescoes painted on homes and commercial establishments alike. I didn't think to take photos of the scaffolding. But we chatted briefly with a proud young man who accommodatingly climbed down from his perch where he was working on a home with mossy green walls and terrific window and door surrounds. And the main street in Bad Tölz, where I lived for a while with my young children, had several sets of scaffolding dotting the old facades as the frescoes were being renewed. I hope you enjoy this sampling along with me.


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Catherine said...

My goodness, these buildings look to be right out of a storybook.