Friday, December 10, 2010

holiday classes in phoenix

After a leisurely visit in Phoenix where the sun is still dependably warming the days, I've returned to record-setting cold temperatures in Virginia. Actually, I've been traveling so much lately that I think I missed the short stretch of autumn we had here. Already we have snow in the forecast. But the cold is bracing and a good excuse for tending to indoor tasks, like catching up with holiday decorating.

Photo from Denise

Luckily, the two classes I attended in Phoenix added to my holiday decorating. On Friday, I met the delightful Denise Hahn for an afternoon class at Earleen's house. We made a sparkly hanging ornament from an ingenious base that was inspired by the cheese cases in her grocery store. Decorated with plenty of glitter and shiny trims, our shadow box was lots of fun and easily finished in class, even with all the talking and laughing and eating.

Saturday's all-day class started early at Annette's house with 20+ women enjoying a full-scale holiday breakfast outside around her gorgeous pool and waterfall. Back inside, we exclaimed over Carol Wingert's elaborate "heirloom" book kits, presented with packages of her selected paper and fabric, a painted trunk full of trims, and her tissue-wreath place cards. Then we all happily spent the day alternating between creating Carol's white Maison de Joie book and enjoying lunch outside again and shopping from Carol's market table and admiring Annette's holiday vignettes.

Group photo taken by Sharon
(other photos borrowed with thanks from Sharon and Denise)

My class kit and place card

Annette's living room filled with crafters

My tablemates Gina . . .

. . . and Rachel

Teah and Karen (thanks for all the evening shopping :)

Colleen and Maija

My Maison de Joie cover

A few finished pages,
although I plan to write an appropriate thought along the right side of the angel page below.


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