Wednesday, January 19, 2011

looking for a happy day

Sleet and ice and overcast weather the last few days have left me feeling a bit of January SADness. So I've been reading and cuddling a lot with my sweet puppy Bogie and not doing too much else of merit. Today I found this print by Shelli here on Etsy. I think it might bring a little bright humor into my space. Thought you might enjoy it, too.


Debby Schuh said...

I hope the sun comes out soon! Hope you feel better and enjoy some creative time!

Sue said...

Love the print! I think I need it for over my desk at work :)

Charlene said...

I can only imagine how sick of the COLD you are. Here in Texas we are having snow/ICE & winter problems (rolling brown outs to help conserve power when it's 8 degrees outside). CRAZY! I see you have the Moulin Rouge Button on your sidebar so I assume you are going????? If so, I'll meet you there. I am so excited. And the Stephanie Lee class looks wonderful. Wish I could do that one too.