Monday, May 23, 2011

organize to inspire, or inspired to organize?

How I wish my craft supplies were organized in a truly inspirational fashion! Instead I have piles accumulated with each passing project, never enough time to put them away, and soon barely enough room left to work. My friend Amy and I are each working to outfit a small craft suitcase in which to take our supplies to Mary's birthday party workshop in less than two weeks. Amy says this is a project to organize her, but I know it is an attempt to organize me.

So far I've snagged the last two large red cardboard suitcases at my local Paper Source stores. The closer store in Reston had only one red suitcase in poor display condition, but it does have those cheery polka dots inside. :) Was it worth the half hour drive to find it? The further store, on M Street in Georgetown, involved a bear of a drive, literally -- I growled all the way through miserable traffic. If I hadn't had other business nearby, I would have needed major payment to tackle that maze. The traffic closes in on you like the hedges in that Harry Potter movie. Anyway, they had one red suitcase in better condition, but it has stripes inside instead of polka dots. Of course, the real issue is whether I can find work space enough to tailor the suitcase to my needs. Given any success, I might even be inspired to finish before the last minute. We'll see.

Meanwhile, pop on over to Amy's for her latest giveaway connected with her Inspired Ideas Birthday issue. I think you'd love to win Tracey's fun layered prize ribbon.


Katsui Jewelry said...

I love those suitcases, Pam. I think they would help inspire me to organize!!

Debby Schuh said...

I'm sure your suitcases will be adorable! Mary's event sounds so fun... have a grand time!!