Saturday, August 27, 2011

shoring up for irene

We've been enjoying a concentration of family visits lately, with our beautiful new grand baby capturing everyone's heart. Wonderfully, our three sons and their families were all here with us in VA at the same time this week. Definitely a houseful. Then yesterday shimmered in the sun as we celebrated the passing of the last of our great-grands in a service at Gettysburg National Cemetery, followed by locally-made ice cream at Rakestraw's, our favorite for decades. So many family milestones have been accompanied by ice cream at Rakestraw's. Even our youngest's first "food" was their delicious strawberry ice cream; yesterday he enjoyed renewing the memory with a huge double-dipped nut-rimmed cone so generous that he could barely finish it. While our daughter, away on a month's assignment in Germany, missed both her 44th birthday and the service yesterday, her 12-year-old son became our photo journalist to record the event for her.

Today we're reining in the weekend festivities to accommodate hurricane Irene's arrival, grateful for all the good weather in recent weeks. The 5.8 earthquake briefly shook our afternoon plans on Wednesday, but now we're actually ready for a couple low-key days. Our oldest son's family has flown back to Martha's Vineyard to finish their summer; we hope they will be tucked in safely. Our middle son's return to St Maarten was delayed by the airlines from Monday to Tuesday, so we have him with us and his baby daughter for an extra day.

I'm posting this before our electricity goes out again and stays out. But as the weather and the visiting calm down, and we start trekking our grandson over to his school in MD for a couple more weeks, I hope to be back in my studio, zealously organizing. Many projects need doing, like sprucing up my latest finds (above): a library card catalog and a pair of large wood finials. Hope you are savoring your last lazy weeks of summer (if that is your climate) and energizing for fall.

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Sandy said...

You all stay safe. It's usually me you are having to say that to.