Monday, August 15, 2011

we're tickled pink


We've had a houseful of family coming and going and oohing and aahing in celebration of our newest sweet granddaughter Eliää Rose, who arrived herself on Thursday and came home on Saturday. Noticing all the visitors most is our puppy Bogie, who apparently thinks everyone is here primarily to provide laps for him. But when the California relatives flew home on Sunday, diminishing the crowd a little after a week's well-timed visit, Bogie took over on guard duty, barking anytime little Eliää cries to make sure someone rushes to her rescue. Thank heavens our 12-year-old grandson is also here and happy to keep Bogie busy while his lawyer mother tries a month-long case in Germany. Next to arrive will be our very-anticipated middle son, finishing his med school first-year exams on St Maarten at 8:30 pm today and flying immediately into the island sunset to be here with his beautiful new daughter.

Wanting to use bright island colors, our daughter-in-law chose some of my recent doodles to make Eliää's birth announcement. If there's any time to post at all, I'm afraid this blog may become something of a baby photo gallery for the next month, until Eliää returns with her parents to St Maarten, for we are indeed all tickled pink.


Sandy said...

Congratulations to all!! Didn't know this was in the process. She is beautiful.

amy said...

She's so beautiful! I can't wait to meet her! Love to everyone...Amy

Korie B. said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! How wonderful for you and your family. Enjoy the pink!

Suz said...

Congratulations, Pam! That is so sweet. She is so, so cute and I love her name...if I could just know that correct way pronounce it ;-) You will have a ball with this stage of your life.

Teah said...

She's beautiful Pam!!! Congratulating you and your family! Enjoy all things pink for the season. Take care!

Cassy said...

She's so adorable.

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