Monday, November 07, 2011

time to get crafty for the holidays

After months of preparation, my sweet friend
Amy Powers' latest Inspired Ideas Christmas ezine
is now available, just in time to get crafty for the holidays.
With almost 2 dozen projects to choose from, there's certainly something new
and wonderful to add to your craft repertoire for this year's celebration.
And you can treat yourself to your own $3.99 copy right here.

Would you like a little preview of the contributors?
You'll find Tracey Fisher, Koralee Teichroeb, Mary Engelbreit, Matthew Mead,
Heidi Grace, Katie Runnels, Catherine Thursby, Sally Keller, Lynda Kanase,
Hope Ellington, Cherie Wilson, Molly Knox, Jone Hallmark,
Jerusalem Greer, Pat Wehmeier, and Rebecca Rehnquist.

And, as in Amy's previous Summer ezine, this Christmas ezine
also includes my doodled title frames and hand-scripted lettering.
Last spring, on the plane home from visiting Mary Englebreit in St Louis,
Amy and I were so excited over this idea
of adding a hand-drawn touch to her magazine.
Since then, we've been having lots of fun figuring out whom to "frame" and how.
I hope you enjoy this extra bit of craftiness meant to inspire you
as you decide which projects to tackle first.


Cherie Wilson said...

Thank you for all your doodle lovliness Pam! It is the perfect touch within Amy's gorgeous edition. Happy Crafting!

Suz said...

You add a lot to the magazines, Pam. Thank you.