Sunday, February 12, 2012

doodling and sea-gazing on st maarten

Slowly but surely, I'm squeezing a little doodling for my April class at Rachel's Handmade U in between the necessary hours spent cuddling with my baby granddaughter, sea-gazing
and tootling around this small island.

Here's a little sea-gazing for you, too.
Can you hear the waves crashing rhythmically ashore?
Can you feel the breeze puffing out the sails?
Maybe you've been on one of the cruise ships with its lights gleaming as it leaves the island at sunset?
(you can just see a cruise ship aglow on the horizon in the last sea photo below)

Sweet Eliää with her mommy in the indoor lap pool

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Catherine said...

Oh that blue water...sigh. As a child I did not understand why I was not a mermaid. I spent much time in the Carribean sea swimming.