Monday, January 21, 2013

Home from CHA 2013, Anaheim

Having generous creative friends with mad skills is so awesome!
Especially since my first visit to CHA revolved around their efforts on my behalf.

Although she couldn't persuade me to jump right in with a designer table,
my new teaching buddy Eileen Hull, one-of-a-kind Scoreboard die designer for Sizzix,
invited me to CHA as her guest to help with her Sizzix booth and class.
I couldn't have asked for a more gracious introduction to the event than I received at her side.  Although I had expected simply to observe and learn, Eileen, who knows and is respected by everybody there, generously toted me around to all her favorite creative people.

Colleen Baxter's fabulous Glass Effect Gel spiderweb at the Viva Decor booth, CHA

And just before Eileen and I left for CHA, my super-talented friend Amy Powers decided to whip up a new business card for me,
using some of my doodles for her Inspired Ideas ezines.
It took making a new midnight friend at Kinko's to get the cards printed, but it was worth it.  It was so much fun to hand them out and watch people smile at my little colored birds.  And to watch those whose products I love tuck my cards into a special place for the next step.

I'm still basking in the wonderful bustle of it all -- and I haven't uncrossed my fingers yet!

CHA 2013, Anaheim 

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Eileen Hull said...

I just saw this! How nice of you to say these nice things! Vegas in July?