Monday, November 25, 2013

inspired holiday crafting with amy powers and guests

Now that the Thanksgiving celebrations are literally under our belts, 
it's time to energize for holiday crafting again!  

With her wonderful guest contributors, 
Amy Powers has released this season's Inspired Ideas ezine, 
packed with plenty of hands-on crafty goodness as usual.

It's always fun to add my doodles (for example, above and below) 
to my sweet friend Amy's mix, but the real crafting effort takes place 
in over 100 ezine pages of DIY ideas and instructions ...

... like Amy's little felt houses made using Brenda Walton's 
new Country Cottage die for Sizzix (below)

and spool hat ornaments from Jennifer McGlon of Noodle & Lou

and an excerpt from Jenny and Aaron's new mixed media book

and much more, including sewing and painting and good ole cutting and pasting!
There's something for everyone under the tree. :)

The Inspired Ideas for Christmas 2013 is sure to add a little JOY to your holiday!

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