Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy trick and treating

Life is too short to do "either/or" when you can splurge, and Halloween has become a great excuse to splurge. For years my children helped me build as fantastic a haunted house at our various front doors as we could invent, with hordes of lighted ghouls and witches engaged in indescribable acts, tons of spiderwebs enmeshed with all sorts of hapless prey, giant pumpkin mazes, scary music and spooky lighting. Since we've moved often, new front doors and yards presented endless new opportunities. When spectators came by to take their dress-up photos in front of our displays, we'd twitch the curtains behind them for extra effect. During trick-or-treating, we'd add one of our favorite tricks: One of the boys, dressed in our padded frankenstein mask and body suit, would casually recline among the other ghouls, still as the dead, until someone walked up. Suddenly reaching out his grasping hand or egad! slowly standing up would elicit delighted shrieks and retreats from the children, but gosh, the grown-ups would practically fall down! Or to distribute the candy, we'd snake a mummy-wrapped hand through a wriggling mass of shredded green plastic garbage bags hung in lieu of our front door. Now my son in Boston is continuing the family monster manse, and his children are happily reporting that they are the best haunted house in the neighborhood. Tonight another grandchild, dressed as a knight with gold-sequined armor, will visit his grandmother's haunted house and inspect all the gory details inside and out, just to be sure I'm safe. Then he'll stand guard at the front door and (ahem!) share the treats. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 20, 2006

welcome, guests!

It surely would have amused you to see my vaudeville reaction: how suddenly straight I sat, gurgling in excitement and pumping my feet in general inarticulateness. Amazingly, someone had posted a comment on my blog! Two generous someones, in fact! I think I missed their actual arrival because of course I use my blog primarily as a conduit to other blogs -- it simply hadn't occurred to me that anyone had found mine. But, as Linda has helpfully pointed out, the blogging world is definitely an intertwined net of comings and goings, with all kinds of checkpoints available to keep track of guests. How happy I am to find that someone I've visited often has graciously visited back!

Exploring other blogs makes me giddy at the wonderful array of personal expressions and potential conversations that lay themselves out for the choosing. So much available to learn, to see, within just the amount of time I have between other commitments. Admittedly, it's been much easier for me to participate in this new hobby as a reader. Hats off to those who have found a distinctive voice and rhythm that makes them recognizable and intriguing and whose company I enjoy repeatedly. See you all soon! And if you happen my way, welcome!