Thursday, December 28, 2006

blessed days

Truly I hope your holidays have been blessed with the joyous gathering of family and friends, sharing a celebration of your own special memory-making, and imbued with a deep appreciation for family traditions held dear over long years when so much else seems to change around us. And as we all prepare for a new year of hope, I wish you great success and satisfaction in your cherished endeavors!

Meanwhile, in the spirit of the season, here are a few photos of some quiet corners of my home with just a few of our many Santas collected over the decades. At left, Santas perch on an 18th c English walnut table below a painted hallway mirror. The swag of greens includes a partridge and other birds found in a little florist shop in Clifton across from the Heart in Hand restaurant.

This table Santa is actually a German nutcracker, another collection started when we first lived in Germany with our youngest children. Dried hydrangeas from our oldest son's wedding accompany the marquetry bouquet hanging above. The Santa on the carved "four winds" desk stands among some small objects from Peru and Egypt.

Floppy Santas for the grandchildren have a comfy seat of honor on Mummi's hand-stitched pillow. And gathered to honor our middle son, soon off to Iraq, and his wife, already serving in Afghanistan, are patriotic Santas.

See you next year!