Friday, April 27, 2007

Paris flea market in Leesburg

Regardless of the threat of rain, the Paris Flea Market opened at The Cottage in Leesburg today to happy shoppers pleased to find handmade and collected vintage treasures. My treat was to help wrap purchases for those in line at Amy's, the gift fairy from Inspire Company. Here's Amy in her pink cupcake boots, sitting at her "Restaurant Côte d'Azur" table while taking a brief rest to chat on the phone. My other treat was seeing so many friends who came by, including scrapping and blogging friends. Waisze came all the way from New York to enjoy a Virginia country weekend. If you missed coming today, there's a sunnier repeat tomorrow (Saturday), and Amy would love to see you there, although, as you can see below, her festive booth is considerably less full than it was this morning.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

the delicacy of lilacs

After a handful of long-awaited beautifully-seductive spring days, the temperature has dropped today, then promises to escalate tomorrow, threatening thunderstorms. Too often capricious weather means an early end to the fragile blooms that spread their delicate colors across my landscape. Sharing their fragrance and gentle curves, these cut lilacs now grace my studio. Will they last longer than all those remaining in my garden?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

wrapping paper manila folder tutorial


With just a few extra moments available today, I quickly wrapped up the business end of a manila folder to make it more welcoming for the client who's meeting me tomorrow for help with a wedding album. Since it goes together so quickly and easily, I thought it might be fun to share this idea for converting those serviceable but boring folders. With this quick method, none of my clients' folders match, but then neither do the clients! You could, of course, buy a lot of your favorite wrapping paper and make several matching folders.

However, I used wrapping paper saved from a gift (scotch tape still leftover in discreet places), and covered the outside and wrapped it around to the inside of the folder, tucking in neat corners. Wrapping paper is made, after all, to wrap around easily.

After adhering all the wrapped edges inside, I then cut Bazzill Light Taupe corrugated cardstock (leftover from my Boy's Code Book taught last night) to fit inside and cover the wrapping paper edges. This makes a nice tailored look on the inside to contrast with the flowery pattern on the outside of the folder.

For the right-hand inside of the folder, I used a 12" sheet of cardstock cut down to the correct height to cover the wrapping-paper edges. After aligning the cardstock near the right edge, I allowed the full 12" width to overlap the fold to the left-hand side, folding the extension to match and scalloping the long vertical edge of the foldover. Then I adhered only the right-hand side of the cardstock to the folder at this point, leaving the left extension flap free.

For the left-hand inside of the folder, I made pockets using other leftover strips of cardstock cut to the same height and scalloped along the long vertical edges. First I adhered the far left strip all around (not a pocket). Then I followed with a scalloped strip adhered only on 3 edges (top, bottom and right side) to make a pocket. Finally I adhered the foldover flap at top and bottom for a second pocket.

To the right-hand inside of the folder, I added a third scalloped cardstock pocket adhered only on the sides and bottom, and stamped and embossed it with Danelle Johnson's Art Warehouse "photos and keepsakes" clear acrylic stamp.

The front cover has a label cut from a Sissix Original Die #38-1111 Tickets, using the negative shape in a contrasting Bazzill color as a frame. I doodled in black on the frame for some emphasis (click on photos to enlarge). If necessary, I can make the label frame and later add or even change the label itself. A quick and easy transformation from manila to much-more-fun! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

boy's code book

It's been a long time since I posted and, worse, I keep forgetting to show my classes at Scrapbooks Plus. So here's the next one, a Boy's Code Book, which I'm teaching tomorrow. Tucked inside its sturdy pocket casing, this tag-shaped accordion-fold book has tablets and hidden compartments for storing a boy's secret information and codes. Metal hardware, wheels that rotate, distress inking, and lots of other fun embellishments add to the appeal of a well-used code book. The top of each tag shape features a spot for spelling out your boy's name in semi-secret. After so many people asked for a project for young boys, I used my grandson as a test audience and devised this interactive mini book. Can you guess the most frequently asked next question? You gotta love it: When will I be teaching the girl's version?

Mini book folded and stored in its pocket casing

Mini book opened and showing front and back sides