Saturday, June 21, 2008

anna griffin hannah pink girly layout


Lots of paper pleating coming up in my next Anna Griffin layout class in July, with a hand-cut and wrapped frame to highlight the page's photo. We'll be using both the pink and blue Hannah papers and embellishments for the single-page layout and a brag book.

This coming weekend at Scrapbooks Plus, I'll be teaching my "Love the Journey" class again, using the new Heidi Swapp World Traveler papers plus some Collage Press papers. Pages are full 12x12" papers folded into various pockets, envelopes, and booklet enclosures meant to hold your travel souvenirs, and are combined with transparent words and overlays, stamps, and lots of fun embellishments.

(p.s. there are still a couple seats left in Saturday's "Love the Journey" class -- would love to see you there!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

glimmer mist demonstration

Once again the skies darkened so that the trees were suddenly not visible from my window and the subsequent storm returned us to a somewhat primitive afternoon without electricity. But not before I had managed to paint a few cardstock tags for the free Glimmer Mist demonstration at Scrapbooks Plus on Wednesday from 2-4 pm. These shimmery watercolors with metallic pigments blend so well that it is easy to custom-color your paper.  Although it's difficult to photograph the true colors and glimmer, I hope you can get an idea if you haven't already tried them.

Just for fun, I made niece Holly a "luggage tag" for her backpack, using a bubble pack to hold her photo and a frame painted front and back with Bubblegum Pink and Fully Purple. When I cut into the center of the frame and rolled back the edges, the color continued from the reverse side. On the back of the photo will be her I.D. information. A fuschia ribbon through the clasp of the bubble pack will tie the tag onto her backpack. After the demonstration I'll add her name to the right side of the frame.

On the mini Art Journal above, the die-cut chipboard letters, Glimmer Mist frame chip (under the "R"), string (wrapped around the letters) and torn paper pieces are Glimmer Misted. Below on C'est la Vie, everything on the cover is Glimmer Misted, including the chipboard cover (Pink Bubblegum and Gold), the Heidi Swapp masked butterflies, the torn paper pieces, and the Glimmer Mist corner chip. The title is also masked using Heidi Swapp silhouette stickers lightly tapped in place and then removed after spraying. I then re-wrote the title in the masked-off space with a white Sharpie paint pen.  The little book is provided in the Glimmer Mist Regal kit, which includes instructions for making a slightly different version. Click on photos to enlarge and see the glimmer.

If you're able to join me on Wednesday, I'll share with you various blending techniques and other fun projects using Glimmer Mist chips and screens.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

last sunday's class

Although I forgot to take any photos during Carol's two Saturday classes, I did manage some quick pics during the Sunday morning "Remember the Journey" class. What a great group of creative and hard-working ladies! Many old friends plus new faces I was delighted to meet for the first time.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

beauty underfoot

While trying to catch up with things this week, I thought I'd share a photo from this weekend. Both Carol and I stopped in our tracks to admire this slumbering beauty tucked under the lip of my brick steps. Click on the photo to enlarge it for full appreciation.

I have some other wonderful things to show you soon, too -- generous gifts from gracious friends just waiting to be shared. I'll be back!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

carol in thunderland

When Carol Wingert came to visit and teach her classes this past weekend at Scrapbooks Plus here in northern Virginia, she left the dry heat of Phoenix early Wednesday morning expecting to cool down and enjoy the wonderful east-coast spring weather which had blessed us for so many weeks. Instead, thunderstorms and tornados rumbled, whipped and ripped through our area, setting up record conditions, and causing Carol first to be stuck in Atlanta, then to circle for a half-hour over Lynchburg on her flight's approach, and then to be kept strapped in her seat on the tarmac at Dulles for hours watching the lightning display from the plane windows. Instead of arriving at 5 pm Weds in time for a leisurely dinner, Carol and I barely made it to Clyde's in Reston before they shut down their dinner menu at 10 pm, both of us ravenous after the long wait (I'd been stuck in my car at the airport gas station for those same hours, watching assorted stuff flying past my windows, too.) We came home to a darkened neighborhood with no electricity and went to bed by candlelight.

However, scrappy stalwarts that we are, we needed only a good night's sleep to be ready for our morning drive over toward Baltimore, MD, to visit Patti and Lolly at The Queen's Ink in Savage Mill. Notice the queenly purple walls that set off the Christmas mannequin Patti set up to counter the heat. In place of the upper tree branches, the wire mannequin tops the unwiltable tree and watches over a collection of glittered keys and fleurs de lis. If you live in the MD area, you'll be pleased to know that Carol will be teaching three classes at Queen's Ink in January 2009 -- and Debby Schuh, who visited there with me recently, will also be teaching three classes at Queen's Ink in November 2008. Ready for one more announcement? Patti invited me to teach my classes at Queen's Ink starting this August! How cool is that? A trifecta, maybe? ( FYI: Wikipedia says "Trifecta" as a slang term is used to describe any successful or favorable phenomenon or characteristic that comes in threes -- like a hat-trick -- or the Three Musketeers.)

As Patti, Carol and I discussed artful bookmaking, we couldn't pass up a photo op that paired Carol with the Autumn Leaves Book Book, in which she was the lead contributor. Although this book is no longer in print, a few copies can still be found if you would like to see the introductory stages of bringing bookmaking to scrapbooking.

We still had lots of shopping places to visit in MD before finally ending up in Bethesda at Accessories of Old just before closing. Andrew, the proprietor with a South African accent, graciously stayed open to show off his wife Lisa Danziger's amazingly huge inherited collection of vintage ribbons, trims, laces, sequins, brooches, buckles, and buttons and more buttons, many still on their original cards from the 1930's, stacked in all the cubbyholes of the shop, with boxes and boxes still in storage.

You can read the Danziger three-generation haberdashery story at their website. Their prices for these vintage goodies are high, too high for Carol and me to repurpose them into class kits, but we each acquired cards and trims to savor, maybe to frame, for our studio and guest room. Other customers were in looking for bridal and party accessories. The recent storefront location augments their online business started first in 2003, where the prices are fixed. But if you visit the store, try your hand at exchanging stories with Andrew -- and maybe he'll give you a little discount if you tell a charming one.

On Friday, good friends Kitty and Amy, with Baby in tow, expanded our shopping-experts entourage and provided lots of opinionated enouragement as we visited our favorite shops in Leesburg. The heat steadily climbed, the humidity practically burst its seams, and by Saturday Carol was afraid of losing her voice as the heavy air clamped itself around us. But Debbie and Marc kept us fortified during Carol's two days of teaching full classes at Scrapbooks Plus, and after Saturday's classes we enjoyed a delightful intimate dinner with Debbie at her favorite Mexican restaurant.

To celebrate after Sunday's class, Carol and I and a few friends tried our hand at a small bring-your-own dessert party on my screened deck, but as we watched each other start to melt and the lovely desserts start to lean askew (or was it the other way round?), we hustled back inside to our air-conditioned dining room to relax and tell tales through the evening. By Monday, Carol was content to have the morning off to settle into one of my feed-bag chairs in my studio and savor her Cuban coffee. Until she returns to teach again at Scrapbooks Plus next year.

Friday, June 06, 2008

first we play, then we work

While she's visiting here to teach her weekend classes at Scrapbooks Plus, Carol Wingert and I have been keeping some very long hours -- playing hard, of course. Tonight we should have no trouble sleeping soundly in preparation for the big day tomorrow, with Carol's first two classes, the awesome "For Girls Only" and "Spinning Your Story."

During a momentary period of rest over today's delicious lunch at Lightfoot Restaurant in Leesburg, Amy, Kitty, and Carol strategically seated themselves next to the old but still shiny steel vault doors of the converted bank.

By mid-afternoon, the car began to show the effects of each of us happily encouraging the others in their beautiful and absolutely necessary choices. 

By late evening, when we returned home, we needed a three-way-conference in the driveway to sort out the piles.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow or Sunday in Carol's classes!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

finding the fun

While making a quick trip to the Beekeeper's Cottage for some more soft linen pillowcases with old-fashioned tatted edgings, I couldn't resist a photo of their cute planters and shutters in polka-dotted red.

Then on to The Cottage to see what Ann and Linda have picked up recently. As usual, they have the knack for finding lots of great old stuff, in summery color combinations and cool shabby whites.

And oh, my stars and stripes . . . the most fun red letters! Can you imagine having these fun red hand-cut metal letters, rusty relics of an old Kaufmann's store sign, propped up on your deck to proclaim the summer's agenda?  (Yep, that's my hubby helping Ann take down the letters :).