Friday, May 28, 2010

chunky loteria cards with michael de meng

I haven't been able to spend time in my studio in a month! So it was a welcome treat Wednesday to take a class with Michael de Meng as he taught locally following his classes down in Hampton VA at Art & Soul. In Wednesday's class Michael shared his fun techniques for making his Chunky Loteria Cards, based on the Mexican game that resembles bingo. We built our cards three-dimensionally, adding clay, DAP, collaged elements, and paint to the wood blocks, each in our own style. There was a lot of good humor in the class by the time we reached "the good, the bad, and the ugly" hour (as Michael calls it) for show-and-tell. In that mood, I'll share some before and after photos of my cards.

Laying out some trial collage elements
(I had mainly hardware, but many used paper images, doll parts, skeletons, lizards, spiders, etc)

Building up the base with DAP and clay

Adding layers of paint over the built-up base

Another painted chunky card

Collage items embedded in the chunky base

This was something new for me to try, and now I'm eager to make a whole collection of these chunky little assemblages with their handmade folkloric appeal!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

taking a minute to smell the roses

.rain has followed me home again this late afternoon,
the dripping trees shrouding the birds who chorus under cover
while wavering leaves shimmer with the crystal bling of raindrops

sidewalk stones that wetly welcome me up the quiet path
are each outlined with the clarity of endurance
even as the last of the early spring pansies humbly tuck themselves into memory

and the clarion red rose climbing the door post announces
another moment, another chance to pause spellbound