Saturday, March 24, 2012

just plane doodling

What can you do on a looong plane ride to Brussels? Use your tray as a base station for some portable doodling supplies, hope your elbows stay relatively close in and relocations for bathroom runs are minimal. :)

Looking forward to some sunny days while I explore this venerable city.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

painting with jesse reno

After heading straight from beautiful St Maarten to rainy Virginia Beach for Art & Soul this past weekend, I'm now finally home and unpacking. Before buckling down to a few doodling assignments, I wanted to share some iPhone photos snapped during my 2-day painting class with Jesse Reno.

The first day was all about hand-applying layered grounds of color, adding various finger markings to increase the scale and complexity of the color backgrounds. All colors were mixed in our hands from red, yellow, blue and white, and no brushes allowed! These first couple photos were taken early during the first day's process.  They're just the initial finger-painted backgrounds -- and they changed a lot during the two days. In the first background above, I think I was still being influenced by the island sun. Then I turned the paper over and painted this second background, apparently influenced by the darker coloring of Jesse's painting and so many others in the class. Almost everyone was using darks, especially dark blues like Jesse! Although I tried, I wasn't ready to embrace such a dark palette, and in another background down below, I reversed myself and lightened up again.  But I loved the energy of covering the paper with layers of hand-mixed finger marks!

Late in the afternoon, we engaged in a spontaneous exercise, directed by Jesse, of randomly drawing element after element on a white piece of paper, then randomly transferring some of the elements to one of our backgrounds. We were finally allowed to use our pencils and brushes. :) First came the quick faces, then the eyes, then the animal bodies, then symbols, and so on.

During the second day, we developed our backgrounds with more layers of color and markings, blocking out areas to emphasize other areas, adding personal symbols and animal shapes. It was challenging, exhausting and enlightening and, unfortunately, I forgot to take photos. Plus my hands were continually covered with paint. By the end of the second afternoon, I needed a break and just sat looking at paint with Donna and Heather and Mindy. Somehow Mindy still had steam to keep painting, rotating her pieces to stay fresh. In April, she'll be teaching an online painting course using her beautiful mixed media techniques.

Meanwhile, I can hardly wait till I can get my hands covered in paint again.