Tuesday, May 29, 2012

brave new journal

(Pitt pens, watercolor pencils, vintage pattern & labels, dotted masking tape)

Late this afternoon I had just enough time to do a quick intro page in my new moleskine journal.  Sitting in the sun on the front porch with Bogie, my sweet puppy, I tried to hurry and finish before the approaching rain.  But Bogie needed a short walk before the rain, too, and before we could run back to the porch, the rain pounded down on us in sudden drenching sheets. Some of the water splats blown in on my journal left open on the porch became opportunities for a little creative cover-up.  :)

Hope you like the message to "brave something" and "find your heart."

Friday, May 18, 2012

one artist journal with orly avineri

Since Teesha Moore's Journal Fest last October, where I first met and took two wonderful classes with Orly Avineri, I've been inspired by Orly's thoughtful, intelligent, layered approach to making art. On her art journal pages, she combines color, emotion, thought and words in a mixed-media feast for the senses. Then she shares the glorious results on her blog. And now she has self-published a book that is like a big art journal itself, with full-size color reproductions of her work. Teesha wrote the foreword, and journaling friends are helping her promote the book.

You can visit her blog for a chance to win a copy of her book. Or, if your luck is like mine and you can't wait to have this inspiration in your hands, you can purchase her book through Orly's eStore.  And you can blog hop with her friends to read more about Orly and this wonderful new publishing approach.  I really enjoy supporting my fellow artists, and I know you do, too!  It's part of surrounding ourselves with a continually energizing art conversation, right?

To learn more, visit some of Orly's fellow art journalers for their reviews of Orly's new book and lots more art journaling inspiration: