Tuesday, August 04, 2009

old photos

Even after all these years of traveling, it's still fun collecting passport stamps to fill the pages with reminders of where I've been.  As I carefully replaced my passport in its special drawer today, awaiting its next opportunity,  I looked through some of my expired passports in their little pile.  In one passport, I'm pictured with a tired and none-too-happy infant in my arms.  Below is my passport photo from my early 30's, when I was on my way to live in the Middle East -- with three little kids.

The other photo is my younger brother's high school graduation photo, before he became a nuclear engineer.


Stephenie said...

I really can see the family resemblance... I love that picture of you... You look so happy...

JeanetteS said...

I love your photo! And it sounds like you had a fun-filled and creative experience in Europe. We must catch up one day. I'd love to hear all about it.