Tuesday, August 04, 2009

old photos

During the past couple months, I've been happily using my passport again. Even after all these years of traveling, it's still fun collecting the stamps to fill the pages with reminders of where I've been.  As I carefully replaced my passport in its special drawer today, awaiting its next opportunity,  I looked through some of my expired passports in their little pile.  In one passport, I'm pictured with a tired and none-too-happy infant in my arms.  Below is my passport photo from my early 30's, when I was on my way to live in the Middle East -- with three little kids.

The other photo is my younger brother's high school graduation photo. He became a nuclear engineer. We joke that I became a nuclear-family engineer. See the family resemblance?  

Monday, August 03, 2009

french pinks


This summer I've been taking both long and short trips and enjoying the beautiful scenery in quite a few places. But my next big trip, scheduled to start last Friday, then this Friday, has now been postponed again for a month. Good thing we had refundable plane tickets, because the flight to Bangkok is long and expensive. I have my fingers crossed that this third scheduling will stick, and that I'll have lots of photos to share with you from there.

Meanwhile, since I do have a huge stash of photos from the south of France, here are a few more cheery ones for today. I guess I will have to unpack my suitcase for now and see what there is to see around home.