Wednesday, January 18, 2012

doodling class in april


I know, it's a tough life ...
lately I've been spending more and more time just doodling!
But really, I do have a good reason.

In April, Rachel Velder McGough will host her Second Semester of Handmade U near Omaha, and I'm so excited
to be teaching a fun doodling class during the weekend!
This intimate retreat held April 19-22 will take place
in Minglewood Lodge, where classes and meals will be held
and the majority of those attending will stay.
So cozy!
Registration for the event has just opened on

On the Friday, my journaling buddy Michelle Geller will be teaching
a full-day bookmaking class called Stitched and Stashed.
In the morning we'll stitch our journals together,
using Michelle's fresh take on the Coptic binding technique.
During the afternoon, we'll add to our journals
with papers and ephemera from her wonderful stash and our own.

The next morning, in my doodling class called Doodle Ink,
we'll make a small sampler book and then practice the fine art of doodling!
More than just a mindless gesture, doodling in art journaling
can be a joyful form of stylistic drawing.
Starting with my tips about tools and process,
we'll approach doodling as a a serious but playful addition to one's pages,
including lettering, borders and frames, and stylized birds and flowers.
It will be all hands on!

In the afternoon, Rachel will teach her prize-ribbon class,
using her fantastic ribbons brought back from France!
I hope you're coming!
Please say yes!

p.s. By the way, I doodled this "Yes!" in response to another invitation
to participate in more doodle fun!
Hope to be able to tell you more soon.


Sandy said...

I was just thinking about you on Monday!! Thinking whre has she gotten off to. The event looks luscious!!

Suz said...

You are the best doodler I know. You take doodling to an art, Pam!

Korie B. said...

Safe travels, my friend. I look forward to the pictures!

Unknown said...

Can't wait!

面具 said...