Thursday, April 26, 2012

have faith in yourself

In my Doodling Ink class at Rachel's Handmade U in Omaha this past weekend, we played a card game that acted as a doodling prompt.  So I thought I'd pick one of the words as a prompt, too, and doodle-write a page to go with it.  Today I chose the word "faith" as my prompt.  (This was the word you picked, Paige. :)

Although I'll still be adding color and more doodles, here it is in its first stage.  I'm thinking I'll make this Strathmore notebook into a series of reminders to myself -- for whenever I need them.  Like today, when I'm working toward another deadline (not complaining; I'm super happy to have these deadlines).

Have faith in yourself and your ability to be your best you!


Lil said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I would love to try something like that in my room from

Cherie Wilson said...

Hello sweet Pam! I think you must have met my hometown friends~ Hope and Stephanie at Handmade U! I cannot wait to see what they learned from you. Thank you for the faith reminder......... much needed as I am painting away over here! Be seeing you soon! XO