Thursday, June 28, 2012

under the toulouse sun

Although I've enjoyed my stay in Brussels, this morning I happily left its cool, grey and often rainy days in June to fly to Toulouse and the sunny warmth of southern France.  This evening I'm cosseted in my hotel room after a wonderful dinner of duck breast in honey glaze, contemplating whether I have enough energy to work a little in my mostly-neglected journal.  Tomorrow is another day for adventure (maybe Carcasonne) before joining up with Kaari Meng's 3rd week at Chateau Dumas on Saturday.  Besides all the wonderful day trips she has planned, we'll be working on a new journal guided by Wendy Addison!  Can't wait!

(pages still in progress)


Maija said...

Glorious!! Have a beautiful time!!

West Africa Gold Exploration said...

wow! you are so good in making those...great day!