Wednesday, September 05, 2012

goodbye summer days

Are you, like me, sad to say goodbye to those warm, sunny, lazy summer days?  On my calendar, they definitely sped by too fast!!  I made this light-hearted art journal spread at the beginning of summer for a round robin book swap, adding some paint, collage, tape, doodling and lettering.  I guess it's already time for a new palette of colors. :)


hope ellington said...

I love the summer colors & the whasi tape how you used it all over the page. The colors remind me of my favorite summer fruits strawberries & watermelon.

Stine said...

Beautiful pages! Love the colors.

I kinds like the change in seasons, the that the colors change througout the yeat- very inspiring!

Charlene said...


I saw your class at Handmade on Shelly's blog & thought... OH there's Pamela. HOW LONG has it been since we've been at an event together??? 4EVER! I love your journals! Your writing ROCKS! I have wanted to learn that & just can't get myself to DO IT! I added you to my sidebar so I can see when you have a new post. So glad I found you again. HUGS!

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business said...

im impress.. love the color of the journal.. well..summer days is really over. till next year..

Mali Gold said...

creative journal.. haissst. summer summer summer! i love summer..