Monday, February 24, 2014

studio windows in late february

Yesterday a few friends came over to walk around inside my studio in its current construction phase and to feel the possibilities of the space.  It felt great!

The windows still have their plastic protective coating on all the panes.  But sunlight still streamed in the front Palladian windows, and we opened the doors for a fine breeze and a long view of the forest out the back window wall, all welcome and hopeful signs of how the space will nurture me and my guests.  Sadly, today it is empty again, since none of the expected deliveries arrived and no one came to work.  It's another day of dreaming of what's to come.


Anonymous said...

I can SMELL the sawdust and feel the WARMTH of the sun. This space is simply Beautiful!

eileen hull said...

Can't wait for the first event. Sign. Me. UP!

Teah said...

Absolutely stunning! Congrats!