Wednesday, August 11, 2010

so much paris, so little time

My husband tells me he is battling traffic in hot, humid 95-degree-temps in Virginia while I'm zipping around in cool low-70's here in Paris. But there's not enough time in the day, regardless. This timepiece sculpture outside the St Lazare train station appeals to me, hosting weary pigeons who need a break, stretching the hours, setting the time forward or backward as you choose. If only. The serious clock is still there in the background.

Each day I am greedy to see as much as I can, slowly but surely exploring different arrondissements around each special site I visit. And I measure time by how much my feet hurt by the end of the day. (Not really complaining, you know.) If only I had one of these motorbikes, ubiquitous here, noisily maneuvering through traffic, parked on every square.

Or if only I had one of the little toy cars that must have wheels that turn at 90-degree angles to scuttle sideways into impossibly small parallel parking spaces. Speaking of parking spaces, have you been wondering what's behind those great double doors that punctuate the serried collection of connected block-long facades? Now you know. Why doesn't my garage look like this?

Now it's 1 in the morning, time for the Eiffel Tower lights outside my window to flash and dazzle from top to bottom for 5 whole minutes and then to darken, just like clockwork. So I'm off to bed.


Catherine said...

Hot, muggy Virginia...
Lovely charming Paris with perfect weather. Well now arn't you one lucky lady. Enjoy every single moment.

PS Cristina is playing in a tennis tourny this week, I hope she does not die of heat exhaustion.

Kateyed said...

What a treat, Pam. Plus I get to see my friend, Catherine, here every day. That time sculpture is like something out of "Alice." I adore it.

Continue to have a fabulous time and my gratitude for sharing it all!