Friday, June 15, 2012

brussels to toulouse

espresso bar in Brussels via here 

Happily packing for a Sunday departure for my summer vacation, heading to Brussels again and then, at the beginning of July, to Kaari Meng's third-week session at the Chateau Dumas near Toulouse. On my last visit to Brussels, we had exceptional weather toward the end of March, including sunny days in the 70s that had everyone out walking in the parks and sitting outdoors at the cafes. I hope we are lucky again and it warms up from the current rainy 60s.

view from my balcony at the Marriott hotel towards the Grand Place,
just a short walk away past lots of little shops

walking through a public park toward Embassy Row in Brussels

Immediately on my return home, I'm zipping out to CA for a weekend in Pam Garrison's journaling class at Jenny Doh's studio.  And then I'm going to putter around in my garden for the rest of the summer and get back to doodling for some classes I'm teaching in the fall.  Sounds like a plan, right?

Hope you have a wonderful summer with special pleasures tucked in!


Teah said...

Pam you have a very full and well-traveled life. I will see you at Pam's workshop. Maybe we can sit together.Is your hubby coming? Have fun in Paris. Avoir mon amie!

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