Wednesday, March 09, 2011

my morning view

It rained all day Sunday while we were out on the sailboat
for the final day of the Heineken Regatta.
Even so, my nose burned except for the ridge of my sunglasses (not a pretty sight).
But today is another glorious morning.
Each morning I wake up around 6 am with the tumultuous racket of the birds
in the trees outside our balcony and the cool morning breeze through the open doors.
It will be tough to leave the island and to go home soon.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

dessert at sarafina's in marigot

This weekend the annual Heineken Regatta is the main attraction on St Maarten,
with all classes and nationalities of sailing boats entered,
including the Merchant Marine boat (which won its class today).
We can watch the Regatta from its origin at Simpson Bay on the Dutch side
or as it passes our Rainbow Beach Club or in Marigot on the French side.
When we go to Marigot, we always go to Sarafina's, a favorite French bakery and
cafe, for lunch and dessert. Today's chosen desserts included
raspberry torte and tarte d'abricots (sorry, I couldn't wait to take a bite).

But there's always so much more to choose.
The savory crepes and the peach tea are delicious, too.

Tomorrow we'll be on one of the Regatta boats,
and maybe I'll chance taking photos to share.