Saturday, February 04, 2012

getting in the island mood

This island pace here on St Maarten may be slower, but our days have been full and I've barely had time for photos. Of course, I'm spending lots of time with this little lovely, my 5-month-old granddaughter Eliää, and her daddy.

Today was spa day for my daughter-in-law at the Christian Dior spa in the lobby of their apartment building. Afterwards, she enjoyed sunning with her spa partner Jackie while Eliää and I waved down at them from our balcony.

Some more views from the apartment's balcony overlooking the glorious ocean:

And here's the balcony chair where I'll sit doodling for my April class and other projects while listening to the waves tumbling in. Can I really call this a working vacation? Well, tomorrow morning at 6 am, Eliää and I will watch from the sidelines while her parents run, swim and bike in the island's triathlon. That's work, right?