Monday, September 12, 2011

our hearts are full

This weekend we remembered and repledged ourselves to live both with our history and for our future. Our hearts are full of sorrow and hope. At the top of my wish list is a visit to the beautiful memorial pools at the regenerated Twin Towers site, where state-of-the-art engineered waterfalls cry for us as we face our depths. And today we have the incredible gift of starting fresh, choosing again to build beauty.

These simple sketches were made using these magic tools here, which I just found this morning on a past post on Geninne's blog. With a little exploration, I quickly found the line options and color wheel but not yet the eraser. :) You, too, can take a moment to brighten your morning!

Note: The linked Mr. Doob tool page may look blank at first, but you'll see the short but sweet tool bar at the top. Just click on things and play around with it like I did. :)