Monday, February 24, 2014

studio windows in late february

Yesterday a few friends came over to walk around inside my studio in its current construction phase and to feel the possibilities of the space.  It felt great!

The windows still have their plastic protective coating on all the panes.  But sunlight still streamed in the front Palladian windows, and we opened the doors for a fine breeze and a long view of the forest out the back window wall, all welcome and hopeful signs of how the space will nurture me and my guests.  Sadly, today it is empty again, since none of the expected deliveries arrived and no one came to work.  It's another day of dreaming of what's to come.

Friday, February 21, 2014

studio construction update

Just checking in to say there is progress, however slow, on construction of 
my new studio.
Besides battling the intemperate winter weather here,
we've been bearing the brunt of delivery delays all along the line.
Construction has already taken twice as long as predicted,
and we still have a ways to go.
My son is building his latest huge tall commercial building in Boston,
and it seems my small enterprise will take almost as long (only half joking).

But I'm finally able to get a sense of the space and atmosphere
that will soon be a reality.
Now that the scaffolding is removed from all but a short side section,
here's the front wall in the late afternoon wintry sun
after the rainstorm passed through.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

studio window progress

By late this afternoon, most of the studio windows have been delivered, 
just in time for the next snow storm that starts in this area tonight.
Progress, however slow.

In the morning came the skylights in the right number but in the wrong size.  
Because of the continuing cold weather,
the crew was here for the first time this week to install the skylights, 
but since they had to be returned, 
the crew braved the cold to work on the back stairs instead.

After noon came the tall center Palladian window and two sets of French doors 
by pick-up truck.  
Apparently, they were too tall or wide for the main delivery truck.

Finally, late in the afternoon, the main delivery truck lumbered down our driveway 
with the rest of the fun window shapes.  
Unfortunately, two of those Palladian windows are fixed instead of opening, 
so they will also be exchanged.

But in the remaining hours of daylight, 
our crew began installing the center window.
Below you can see the sequence.  

The window snapped into place sort of like a Lego window, 
except that it was very heavy and entailed a lot of hammering to secure.  
One down.

With the heavy snow expected here tonight, 
it may be next week before they can get back to work.  
That's the way it's been going.